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29 July – 4 August 2018


The editors of The Weekly Standard evaluate President Donald Trump’s recent tweet concerning Iran. The tweet, which was sent out in all caps, follows suit with the administrations style of brazen diplomacy. The tweet was heavily criticized, as are most actions taken by the current administration, but was not at all an incorrect stance on Iran. Just as the article reads, “Iran’s regime is responsible for mayhem around the Middle East and far beyond.” The Pax Americana Institute and its classical conservative followers from the Midwest and elsewhere recognize the issues that a belligerent regime like Rouhani’s pose within their own region and to international stability everywhere.

2. For the first time in decades, the US is moving to develop new nuclear ICBMs

Alex Hollings, writing for SOFREP, delves into the recent news about the United States Air Force and their request for a new Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD). Publicly known, the GBSD program is currently enrolling Northrop Grumman and Boeing to compete in the creation of a new ICBM, the winner of which would end up providing as many as 400 new missile platforms to the United States. The news and possible testing comes as a relief to many informed midwestern conservatives as well as passionate PAI followers and members. Russian and Chinese missile technology continues to develop and improve, posing a significant risk to the United States and its allies. The Pax Americana Institute and its supporters recognize the necessity of upgraded missile and nuclear technology which protects not just United States citizens, but all those of the free world.

3. ICE-Breakers

Kevin Williamson of The National Review provides an assessment on the recent domestic political events revolving around the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Williamson comments on the actions of now seemingly left-wing radical Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who called for the abolition of ICE altogether. Destroying ICE is a pipe dream for the modern American left stemming from two different ideological pieces. The first is a desire to distance from moderate leftists who view immigration and other international affairs through a shade of realism. The other is the desire to counter any actions and groups which are perceivably supported by the current administration. The Pax Americana Institute understands the necessity of agencies like ICE which function to maintain peace, safety, and sovereignty. Midwestern conservatives, though far from where most ICE related issues begin and end, hold the border issues in a high regard. Without borders or agencies like ICE, which enforce the rules of our nation over those who would ignore them, the United States is powerless.

4. The Meaning of North Korea’s Remains Transfer

Uri Friedman, in a commentary for Defense One, touches on the recent transfer of 55 United States soldiers remains which had been held by North Korea since the armistice of the Korean War. The return, symbolic for the families of those fallen, is a tangible step in moving forward peacefully with North Korea. Conservatives in the Midwest and all across the United States have always held our service men and women in a high regard, knowing that the ultimate sacrifice of life can never be repaid. The Pax Americana Institute and its readers understand the importance in returning the remains and look forward to furthering a peaceful diplomatic solution with North Korea.