Suggested Articles
15-21 July

1. Yes, the Supreme Court Is Undemocratic

In an article on, Rich Lowry talks about the increasing role the Supreme Court has adopted in recent decades. With the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice,

the issue of the courts expanding role in American culture has been brought back to everyone’s mind once again. It is important for Midwestern conservatives to understand what is going on with our government institutions. PAI sees the increasing power of the Supreme Court as subversive to the principles our founding fathers created.

2. The US Must Create a Space Corps to Remain dominant over Its Enemies

In an article on, Dr. Lamont Colucci writes about the importance of a space corps for America. Understanding the history of mistakes made when the United States is not proactive with its military. Midwestern Conservatives should be happy that the United States is taking a renewed interest in space, in order to protect our national interests on Earth and beyond. However, the sooner the United States creates this new military entity, the sooner the world becomes a lot safer.

3. Combating Mass Shootings: Secret Service Released ‘Threat Assessment Guide’ For Schools

In an article on, Beth Baumann goes over the new proposal to schools to help identify and stop school shooters. Released by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center. It is important that people realize that the solution to a school shooting is not simply more gun laws. Midwestern conservatives and PAI want to end school violence, but also realize the importance of assessing threats in order to mitigate the chance of attacks, rather than simply infringing on our second amendment rights.