Intelligence Forecast

Intelligence Forecast: May 2019

Intelligence ForecastMay 2019 1. Wisconsin Terrorism Again on the Rise Since the beginning of the year, the world has watched as the amount of territory controlled by the Islamic State has decreased until they no longer control...

Intelligence Forecast: December 2018

Intelligence Forecast December 2018  1. Russian increased aggression in Crimea Tensions between the Russians and Ukrainians have erupted in the past days as conflict has arisen over a shared waterway, the Sea of Azov. In late November, Russian soldiers seized control...

Intelligence Forecast: November 2018

Intelligence Forecast November 2018 1. The United States and Russia likely to end the INF Treaty During the height of the Ukraine crisis in 2014, the Obama administration was the first to acknowledge that the Russians were breaking the ordinances laid out in the INF...

Intelligence Forecast: October 2018

Intelligence Forecast October 2018 The Elimination of ISIS and Relative Stability in Syria As ISIS continues to be pushed back into smaller and smaller operational areas, the overall stability in Syria could see some relative positive outcomes. Though the ideology...

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