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A Principled Approach to Governance

Because it has never been more difficult or more important to defend Classical Conservatism, the Pax Americana Institute is devoted to defending the tradition of classical conservatism in the Midwest.

The principles and pillars of classical conservatism rise above the domestic rabble-rousing of national media, in-fighting and campaigning. Classical conservatism is founded on principles of natural law, inalienable rights, human decency and democratic republic representation.

The Pax Americana Institute defends the principles of Classical Conservatism for the Midwestern states through publications, screenings, interviews and podcasts. We are writers, thinkers, intellectuals and warriors for our cause. We are always looking for fresh voices and new perspectives.

If you’re looking to write with us, or join our team, reach out and let us know.

Fundamentals of Classical Conservatism

Classical Conservatism is founded on principles of natural order, rule of law, natural human rights, democratic republican representation, the American Constitution and fidelity. Read our detailed description of Classical Conservatism’s tenets here.

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